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“I am very appreciative that you are taking the time to visit my website. I have decided to run for Clark County District Judge, Department 26. It is one of the newly created District Court seats assigned to hear civil cases. I have had 26 years of civil law practice experience. As well as serving as a Judge pro tem as a Short Trial Judge in the District Court and a Justice of the Peace pro tem.

It has been very rewarding to practice law in Clark County. I have had challenging cases and excellent clients. My current judicial responsibilities make me aware that I can do so much more to resolve difficult cases if I am a full-time Judge. I am ready and prepared to be a Judge who is impartial and open-minded to all persons and determined to protect the rights of everyone who enters my courtroom. I know I can make a difference, because I have the focus and work ethic to succeed.

I have been fortunate to ascend to leadership positions within the legal profession. I have served as President of  the State Bar of Nevada and the Clark County Bar Association.   I sought these positions, because I am motivated and committed to improving how lawyers provide legal services to the community.

That is the reason why I want to become a Judge. As a member of the Judiciary, I will work to find ways to simplify the legal system in order to resolve cases quicker. I will encourage the use of alternative dispute resolution methods to prevent protracted legal battles. This would save taxpayers and litigants money.

My pledge to you as your Judge in Department 26 is to provide a respectful hearing and fair outcome to everyone who enters my courtroom. I ask for you support and your vote. Please send me an email about how Judges can be more responsive to our community by visiting my contact page."

Thank you,                    


Gloria Sturman